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Hakurei Reimu's day out.


The Hakurei Miko is bored. It's summer and the lack of any incidents means that she spends all her time lazying around at the shrine. Feeling bored she decides to go check (freeload) on her friends. This is when the story starts. Depending on the choices that are made she could;
  1. Help Remilia play armchair detective (again).
  2. Go on a trip to the outside world with Yukari.
  3. Help with a festival at the Myouren Temple.
She may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Resources used.

Music - Stas Gavrik YouTube( and Bandcamp(
Engine - Mion from Sonosaki futago tachi
Touhou Project Creator - Zun.

Technical details.

Engine used : ONscripter-en.
Resolution : 800*600 (scalable to any higher resolution).
Platfrom : Windows, Mac-Os, Linux, Android (through Onscripter app).